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Core Set 2020 Prerelease

The official Prerelease for the new Magic expansion set Core Set 2020.
This prerelease we are making changes in our usual prerelease routine. The First prereleases will be on Friday instead of a regular FNM and both Sunday Events will be 4 rounds instead of 3.

Join us as we explore the life of our favourite fiery plansewalker, Chandra
Our events begins at Friday replacing all our usual FNM events and goes all weekend.

– 7:00 pm
– 11:00 pm

– 10:00 am
– 2 pm
– 6 pm
– 10 pm

Sunday (4-round events)
– 11:00 am
– 4:00 pm – Two-Headed Giant

– Sealed Deck Variant:
You’ll build a 40-card minimum deck using the contents of a  Prerelease pack. This play format is called “Sealed Deck.”

After you build your deck, you’ll be randomly paired with another player for a best-two-of-three match. Each round, you’ll report who won and be paired up with a new player. If you do well, you may get additional booster packs as prizes!

The Prerelease pack contains:
6 boosters of Core Set 2020
1 Randomized, date-stamped, premium promo card
1 Spindown life counter

– Two-Headed Giant Sealed: Each team will receive two (2) Prerelease packs for constructing two decks with.

3-0 record receive 11 booster packs
2-0-1 record receive 7 booster packs
2-1 record receive 3 booster packs

Sunday Prizes:
4-0 record receive 15 booster packs
3-0-1 record receive 11 booster packs
3-1 record receive 7 booster packs


$40 per player
or come to 5 events for $175 ($30 each for any additional events)

July 05 2019


Start: July 5 @ 8:00 am
End: July 7 @ 5:00 pm
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OMG! Games
Barrie, ON L4M6W9 Canada




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