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Oathbreaker Event

Time to try out this cool new casual format, Oathbreaker!
Start Time: 1pm
Cost: $6
Prizes: We will be doing draws for Gideon Spellbooks with players receiving draw tickets based on their performance.

We will be playing this as 3/4 player pods and giving out draw tickets based on point system we normally use at FNM

Tolarian Community College: An Introduction To Oathbreaker

Oathbreaker is a casual, multiplayer, singleton format. It has many commonalities with Commander.
Rather than choosing a legendary creature as a commander, players select a planeswalker as their Oathbreaker, and an instant or sorcery as that Oathbreaker’s Signature Spell. The Oathbreaker follows rules identical to those for commanders governing starting the game, the changing zones. The Signature Spell is subject to similar rules, but with two additional restrictions. It can only be cast while its owner’s Oathbreaker is on the battlefield, and it always returns to the command zone upon resolution, overriding all other effects and rules, and breaking the functionality of some keywords, such as buyback.

As in Commander, the Oathbreaker’s color identity restricts deck construction to cards within that color identity, and no two cards may share a name, with the exception of basic lands. Cards that refer to “your commander” instead refer to “your Oathbreaker”.

Unlike Commander, Oathbreaker decks must contain exactly 60 cards (including the Oathbreaker and Signature Spell). Players start at 20 life, and the Oathbreaker format does not include commander damage as a win condition.
The banlist can be found here: https://weirdcards.org/oathbreaker-ban-list



June 29 2019


Date: June 29
Time: 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm
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OMG! Games
Barrie, ON L4M6W9 Canada




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